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Important Announcement


Dear InfoMiners,
After many weeks of consideration I must inform you that we are
phasing out Adsense revenue sharing on TheInfoMine. The site is now
closed to new signups.  (You can read the full text of this message in your inbox).

What’s next?
For those of you with lots of content on the site, (over 50 articles), please
e-mail me and let’s see if we can arrange to leave your content where it is for
now, with Adsense revenue sharing still in place but with only one outbound link
per article, and with the understanding that no new articles can be submitted.
Your published articles will be reviewed and those needing revision will be
noted. For those of you with fewer than 50 articles, please copy them, remove
them from the site, and understand that your account may be closed at the end of
May. I deeply regret having to make this
decision and apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause you.



Articles that were written solely to capture searches and generate income using key phrases  such as “cheap fishing rods”, and  which do not provide a wealth of information for the reader are now considered “SPAM”. Such articles  must be removed from the site immediately.  We reserve the right to remove spam posts at any time if you do not do so yourself.

All articles that promote another article or website, or  were written for the purpose of  selling a particular product with no added value for readers, as well as articles containing more than one external link will BE DELETED in the coming months.  If you have published any such articles on this site, please remove them at once or edit them to comply with the new rules.

TheInfoMine is now a “no – nonsense”, how – to and informational site. Note that stories, rants, religious content, product reviews, “get rich” articles, posts full of “fluff”, nonsense, and those lacking highly factual and informative content are no longer allowed.

Publishers Will Agree To The Following

  1. Original, informative content only. Please post only articles you have written or that you have the exclusive rights to, and which is not present on the web in any form. We use to identify duplicate articles. Articles should provide detailed information and facts for readers and reflect the writer’s detailed knowledge of the subject matter.
  2. Never click on any advertisements next to your own articles. Such clicks are a violation of Google Adsense terms of use. Contributors must abide by all Adsense terms and conditions.
  3. No hateful or racist language or overtones is allowed. No adult or sexually oriented content is allowed. Articles should be “all ages friendly”. Also, no links to gambling or adult sites of any kind. Stories, opinions, and articles of a religious or political nature are not allowed due to past abuse of these categories
  4. Articles should not promote dangerous activity or knowingly contain advice that could cause financial, mental or physical harm to others.
  5. Affiliate links of any kind are now prohibited. You may have one link in the body of the article to a site that provides additional resources on the subject, but you can no longer write articles just to generate traffic to another site.
  6. No SPAM. Articles must contain original, useful information and not be written solely for the purpose of traffic to another site, article or to advertise a product. Users must agree to not use the messaging system to send bulk messages, self promoting messages, advertising or SPAM to other users. Your account may be terminated if you abuse the messaging feature.
  7. All submissions must be in the English language and be grammatically correct. I agree that I am fluent in the English language at a U.S., Canadian or U.K. high school graduate level.
  8. Authors must be at least 18 years of age or submit with the approval of a parent or guardian.
  9. Articles must contain a minimum of 400 words, more is preferable.
  10. No fraudulent traffic generation or use of “article spinner” type software which changes existing articles to appear different. Use of link building sites or automated systems to generate false traffic are prohibited.
  11. URL shortening using or similar sites is not allowed.
  12. Writers must have an IP address and Adsense account in North America. also reserves the right to cancel the account of a user who willfully violates the above rules. Any user- submitted content that is deemed inappropriate, or in violation of these rules, may be removed without notice.

Note: Self registration is no longer available for this site. Effective 03/25/2011: Membership on is by invitation only.

Site Terms And Conditions

Users must agree that by using the TheInfoMine website, herein referred to as “the site,” and  “”,  (as a writer, forum member, reader, or otherwise,) they will be bound by the following  Terms and Conditions Of Use, and  do also agree to be responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws. If you disagree with any of these terms and conditions of use you should not use the site. All materials, posted on the site are protected by applicable copyright and trademark law.  Contributors to the site, also herein referred to as “authors”, must acknowledge their agreement to all of the terms and conditions by checking the “I agree with TheInfoMine terms and conditions” box on the signup page . Users must not check the “I agree” box without fully understanding and agreeing to all of these terms and conditions.

Copyright Notice seeks to provide a free publishing platform for original submissions from writers and allow them to retain ownership of that material. By clicking on the “publish” button when submitting an original article or other contribution, the author agrees to grant the owners and administrators of TheInfoMine exclusive rights to feature that content on the web for as long as the author chooses to keep their content on the site.  Visitors to the site may print one copy of an article or image for personal use but may not re-publish it anywhere in any form. Copying of any content that exists on the site for anything other than one time personal use is prohibited. No articles or other content found on the site may be re-published in any form, including print or electronic media without the permission of the author. does not act as a broker or facilitator between authors and those seeking to use content they have published on or elsewhere. If you want to publish your article elsewhere on the web it is your right, you just need to delete it in your dashboard first.

The layout and design of the website is copyrighted. Users will not attempt to copy or reverse engineer the design of the website or materials contained therein. contains trademarked phrases and slogans such as “Infonugget.”  These are the exclusive property of the site and site owners.

Contributor’s Rights

Contributors whose work is published on the TheInfoMine website retain all rights to their content and grant the owners of TheInfoMine exclusive rights to publish it only on the website. All content that is submitted must be original. It may not appear elsewhere on the internet. will not alter the wording of any submitted material but reserves the right to remove any external links contained within if they are deemed inappropriate. TheInfoMine, its owners and administrators, reserve the right to change the article guidelines, such as minimum word content or acceptable topics, at any time and any existing or newly submitted content on the site may be required to be altered and re-submitted by the authors to comply with these guidelines.

No Employer-Employee Relationship

No employer / employee relationship exists between TheInfoMine, its owners and administrators, and contributors to the site. The submission of articles of other content to the site does not create such a relationship.


Users of the TheInfoMine website agree to never falsely generate traffic to any page of the website or toward any advertising on the site for the purpose of increasing  revenue or for any other purpose, nor do so through any third parties. Banned practices include using banner advertising, requesting other parties to click on ads, link exchange sites, or any other means designed to artificially manipulate clicking on advertising. Authors must agree to abide by the terms and conditions of Google Adsense and other advertisers, in addition to the terms and conditions.

Revenue From Contributed Content, including its owners or administrators, are in no way responsible for the ensuring any amount of fixed or variable compensation from articles that authors submit. Income received from advertising is wholly dependent on whether visitors to the site click on ads featuring your advertising account code. does not imply or guarantee any amount of income from content that is submitted to the site. is not liable for payments to authors from Google Adsense, nor liable for any local, state and federal taxes on those payments. The owners or administrators of are free to change the terms of revenue sharing at any time.

Authors Are Not Allowed To Click On Google Adsense Ads.

It is the requirement of each user to abide by the terms and conditions of the Google Adsense program and to refrain from “click fraud” in any form, including clicking on advertising next to their own articles. Users may not click on ads next to  other members articles unless they are genuinely interested in a product or service in that ad. Authors are forbidden from having a third party or software program click on an ads. See Fraud above. Such violations will result in termination of site privileges.

Site Operation And Preservation Of Content does not guarantee the accuracy of any materials on the site nor guarantees or assures the functionality of the site at any given time., including owners and administrators, reserves the right to make changes to the site or to the functionality of the site at any time without notice.  While we will make every reasonable effort to preserve site content,, including it’s owners and administrators, reserves the right to suspend operation of the site at any time without notice and does not guarantee the preservation or backup of any content that has been submitted. reserves the right to terminate a user of the site without notice if deemed necessary by the owners and administrators of the site.

Governing Law

All claims relating to the website shall be governed by the laws of the State of Texas without regard to its conflict of law provisions. Users of TheInfoMine do irrevocably agree that the courts of the state of Texas shall have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any claim or dispute concerning the website.


Site users, including readers and authors, shall not hold TheInfoMine, its owners, administrators or contractors liable for any damages resulting from, but without limitation to:  1. Damages for loss of submitted materials, loss of income from advertising or loss of articles due to technical problems or termination of site operations. 2. Damages resulting from the use of any information on this site including “how to” articles, advice, instructions or opinions expressed or implied by the authors of content on the site or by site owners.


Information presented on TheInfoMine is for entertainment purposes only. The site owners and administrators have not verified the accuracy, effectiveness or validity of any information that has been submitted by contributors and shall not be held liable for any damages resulting from interpretation of information on the site. Any articles or other content on the site is presented “as is” without any expressed or implied guarantee of accuracy or validity.

External Links


The TheInfoMine website and content within contains advertising and links to external sites. is not responsible for use of these links nor is liable for and products and services sold through them. reserves the rights to remove any external links that appear anywhere on the site.

Modifications Of  Site and Changes To  Terms and Conditions Of Use


The owners and administrators of TheInfoMine hereby reserve the right to make minor changes any of these terms and conditions. The most current Rules and Terms and Conditions Of Use that appear on the site are those that site users must abide by.

Slander, Libel and Misuse Of The Site.

Contributors to TheInfoMine website must agree to never submit any content that may be construed as slanderous, libelous or potentially harmful in any way to another person.  No use of personal, non business phone numbers, addresses or other personal information is allowed in any content.

Spam and Copied Content Warning! is a platform for publishing original articles which offer useful information about a wide variety of topics. Users agree to submit content that contains useful facts and information  which is not purely a solicitation or advertisement to buy a product or service.  Spam articles will be deleted and repeated misuse of the site will result in cancellation of a users account.  Copied content in any form  will not be tolerated and will result in cancellation of a users account.

Privacy Policy, Our Promise.

Your privacy matters to us. The owners and Administrators of TheInfoMine will protect your personal information by reasonable means against loss, theft or misuse.’s owners or administrators do not sell or give away your personal information to anyone.

We do not use any information that you submit for any purpose other than to contact you and fulfill the purposes for which you joined the website. Advertising or tracking cookies may be collected on the site by third parties such as Google Adsense or by TheInfoMine for use in fraud prevention.

Please note that membership on TheInfoMine is now by invitation only.