Please Note: All new articles must be original, contain useful information for readers,  be at least 400 words in length and be “non promotional”.  Post should explain to readers how to do something useful such as a task.

A Place To Share and Learn

The aim of TheInfoMine is to be a “Gold Mine Of Information ™”  for readers who visit the site. We encourage those that are experts in any subject to share their knowledge with the rest of the world here on the site in the form of a “how – to” or informational article.

How To Write An Article

How – to articles should contain all of the steps that a person needs to perform in order to complete the task. If the article is informational, provide lots of detail about the subject, including photos.  Articles should be at least 400 words or longer and be well researched. Cite sources for your articles if applicable, but remember that copying and pasting from any other site is forbidden.

NOTE: TheInfoMine is now a “no – nonsense”,  how – to and informational site.  Note that stories, rants, religious content, product reviews, “get rich” articles,  posts full of “fluff”, nonsense, and those lacking highly factual and informative content  are no longer allowed.

What Is Considered Spam?

Articles should contain useful, original information and not read like a sales pitch for a product.   If your article is written solely to direct traffic to another site or to sell a product, it WILL BE DELETED!  Articles on TheInfoMine should provide readers high quality, useful information, such as how to do something, with each step of the process described in detail.

You Own Your Content

Some Adsense revenue sharing sites seek to obtain ownership or exclusive rights to articles and other content that users submit.  Authors grant TheInfoMine the exclusive right to publish their work on the web but still retain ownership. Your submissions appear on the site for other users to view, but may not be copied by site users for any purpose other than one – time viewing. If you want to publish your article  elsewhere all you have to do is delete the article in your dashboard.

Someone has copied my InfoNugget. What do I do?

If you have located duplicates of your article elsewhere on the web, we suggest that you contact the owners of these sites, either by using the contact information on their site or by doing a “whois” search here: networksolutions.com/whois Contact the owner and request that they remove the duplicated contact.

Someone copied my articles and posted them on TheInfoMine, what can I do?

TheInfoMine takes plagiarism very seriously. If you feel that a user of this site has copied your material without permission please contact us.

Users who willfully copy the works of others and publish them here as their own will have their posting privileges suspended.

What can I post on TheInfoMine?

Submissions to the site must be in English, contain proper grammar,  and contain at least 400 words.  Your article should be highly informative and provide valuable information. You may no longer submit any article that is written to sell a product. You may never post any content that you have copied from elsewhere.

Please  keep your articles “clean” and fit for readers of all ages and make sure that you abide by the Rules

Can I Include Affiliate Links?

As of April 9, 2011, you may no longer include  product links of any kind in articles.

Prohibited Content

Don’t upload anything offensive or containing  language not suited for all ages.   Keep your articles civil and polite. Please don’t post anything that could cause others financial, physical or mental harm. Make sure the advice you give is sound, proven, and will not result in a bad outcome for the person who follows your advice. Promotional articles (those promoting a product, service, website, etc.,) are not allowed.

Why was an article I submitted returned to my draft folder?

Infonuggets that you submit go through an automatic filter that looks for things like profanity, excess outbound links, minimum number of words, duplicate copies elsewhere on the web, etc.  Don’t take it personally. Your article may have triggered one of these filters, sending it on to a reviewer who either approves it for publication or returns it to your draft folder for correction.

After  I create an InfoNugget can I post it elsewhere, such as on my blog?

Duplicate content is not allowed but you can post a summary of it and a link to it. By posting your article on the site you have agreed to grant TheInfoMine the exclusive rights to feature your work on the web. To rescind this permission you will have to delete your article from the site.