How To Buy Texas DPS Patrol Cars And Surplus

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These Texas Department Of Public Safety Patrol cars are about to be put up for auction

Each year the Texas Department of Public Safety retires patrol cars such as Mustang Interceptors  and Crown Victorias.   In addition the Texas DPS sells at online auction hundreds of items ranging from electric staplers to drivers license photo cameras. How do you buy used  DPS patrol cars or other surplus from Texas governmental agencies?  Almost all of the surplus from the state of Texas  is  handled by the Texas Facilities Commission  and sold either at public auctions or on online auction sites such as eBay. Not all property owned by the state of Texas can be purchased by private individuals. Some items are available for sale only to educational  and nonprofit organizations.  Remember the scene in  the cult classic  “The Blues Brothers,”  Where Dan Aykroyd  is describing the Bluesmobile? “It’s got cop tires, cop suspension, cop shocks. It’s a model made before catalytic converters so it’ll run good on regular gas.”  Such classic  cars as the Dodge 440 Monaco sedan  are no longer available at Texas DPS auctions, but you may be able to find a Mustang Interceptor that will have been tuned down for civilian use.  Items  such as patrol car light bars, sirens, gun holsters and  DPS  radios will all have been removed before the cars  go to auction. To buy used Texas Department of Public safety vehicles and other items you may want to visit their official eBay site here. Texas DPS eBay Auction    which is handled by CDN Systems.
There you can find items such as signal analyzers,  mini anemometers, executive desks, and even refrigerant recovery systems for a fraction of their original cost. Many car buyers who are looking for used Texas DPS Mustangs or fleet vehicles prefer to see them in person.  Below are listed some of the facilities where the Texas DPS sells their used patrol vehicles.

Retired DPS cruisers are sold at auction without warranty or guarantees. Although most do not carry a salvage title per se, many have seen extreme use and some have been in collisions.  Custom  built Ford Mustangs and other Texas DPS vehicles can still offer the lucky bidder thousands of miles of trouble-free driving in a car that’s a step above an “off-the-shelf” model. Good luck on getting a Carfax report on a used Texas DPS Mustang!    Bidders at Texas DPS car auctions will  generally be required to provide proof of financial responsibility and other credentials before joining the auction. Prices on items  in the Texas facilities commission’s  storefront are generally negotiable and volume discounts are available.

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