How To Get Hair Out Of A Shower Drain

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A professional plumber might charge you as much as a hundred dollars or more to come to your home and remove hair from a shower drain. There are a couple of ways to unclog a drain yourself, without having to call a plumber.

Here are several easy ways to remove hair from a shower drain. Let’s take a look at them now.

Caustic Drain Cleaners

The most common way to unclog a shower drain  full of hair is to use a harsh liquid or granular drain opener product. Drain openers such as Mr. Plumber work by breaking apart organic matter such as hair that may form a clog. The problem with these is that they almost always leave some material behind, making something for more junk to catch on in the pipe.  They also don’t remove non organic things such as plastic labels, etc. Also, chemical drain openers can back up into shower water and cause chemical burns on your feet and legs.

Mini Shower Drain Snakes

One of the best ways to remove hair from a shower drain is to use one of the new mini drain snakes. There are many products on the market, from ones costing a few cents, to over ten dollars. Basically they all work the same way. Mini drain snakes are made of a flexible material with something on the end that is good at grabbing and holding onto human hair. These work in the same way that a plumber’s drain snake does, without tens of dollars worth of charges.  Essentially, for a mini drain snake to be used to unclog hair from a shower drain, the clog must not be too far down the pipe. After a couple of feet or so your only option may be to call a plumber.  To use a mini shower drain shake you may have to remove your drain cover. Often all that is needed to remove your shower drain cover is a screwdriver. It’s a good idea to wear a pair of plastic gloves when using a mini shower drain snake.  Once you have removed the drain cover you insert the slim shower drain shake down as far as it will go, give it a few twists and retrieve it.

Shower Drain “Clog Blaster Hose” Adapters

Another way to remove hair from a shower drain are special attachments that are sold that allow you to hook a garden hose up to your shower drain and blast a clog on through to the septic or sewer system. These can be effective, and possibly help you avoid a service call, but  water pressure may also may force a shower hair clog farther down your pipes. This can mean even more work for a plumber if you end up calling one.

It’s probably a good idea to give a qualified plumber a call if you  can ‘t use a chemical drain opener or mini drain shake to remove the hair clog.

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