Click N Dig Key Finder Review, A Great Gift For An Absent Minded Person

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review of Click N Dig key finder.

Here is my review of the Click N Dig Key Finder system after having used it for about six months.

I have to admit that I sometimes fall in the category of “absent minded” when it comes to remembering where I put my keys. In an active home where we have many sets of keys, remote controls, etc, it can be hard to keep things together. Not being able to find your keys when it is time to go to work is more than just a minor annoyance. While I do keep a set of spare keys for each of our vehicles, those sets don’t always have the other keys with them that you need to get into your home, work etc. One of the hands-down best gifts for “the absent minded” that I can think of is the “Click N Dig” key finder system. You can get up to six receivers that you can place on everything from keys to remote controls. To locate a lost set of keys you simply press the corresponding color and the receiver will beep within up to 100 feet of the remote. I suppose the name comes from clicking the finder button and digging through the cushions on the couch, which is where it usually finds my keys.

We keep the remote in a central place, attached to a strip of Velcro on the fridge. When any of us loses our keys we simply walk over to the key finder and use it to locate them. In an emergency situation, such as when someone needs to go to the hospital, the Click N Dig key finder, or a similar product, could be a real lifesaver.

Pros and Cons of The Click N Dig Key Finder

One of the downsides of any battery powered key finder is having to replace the batteries. I have found that the watch type batteries, which cost about $3.00 each at Walgreens, last about three months. When the battery is low the key finder will begin to chirp.  If you didn’t bother to read the instruction manual that came with the key finder system you might think this means a defective receiver, and throw it away.  This amount of battery life is really not that unreasonable considering that the devices are “always on” and listening for a signal from the master remote. Another small annoyance is not remembering what color corresponds to what remote. To remedy this we place a small piece of laminated paper next to the remote indicating what color goes to what key finder. For example, the list shows “Blue-Dad’s Car”, etc.  Range is not extremely long. You may have to walk around the house, if it is very large, to get the remotes to respond.

Summary of Review Of Click N Dig Key Finder.

Of all the electronic gadgets that I have owned which promised to “make life easier” the Click N Dig key finder is one of the few ones that really lives up to its promise. Even if you are not absent minded, all of us lose something in or home, be it the remote control, a pet, keys, etc. The Click N Dig will locate anything that you clip it to, within a range of about a hundred feet. For just over $30 it’s a small price to pay for staying organized. You might even consider using a key finder module on things such as cordless phones which may have a “locate” button. That’s because the “locate button” on cordless phones does not work when the phone battery dies.

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