You Can Buy Old Army Jeeps for Sale

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Did you know the government has a program that allows citizens to buy old Army Jeeps for sale?  You can buy all kinds of used military surplus vehicles through the federal government, once they have been offered to a few other people first.  While there is a pecking order, many private citizens will get a crack at them and they are actually sold pretty cheap.  In fact, it’s not impossible to pick one up for about $500 or so.  Let’s look at how you can buy the used military surplus vehicles, and the pecking order involved with old Army Jeeps for sale.

Where to Buy:

The main place you can buy old Army Jeeps for sale, is the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service.  This is not a private site.  It is run by the federal government and is the place to buy these types of surplus vehicles.  You can search their website online, or you can even call them at (888) 352-9333 and request a catalog.  You will occasionally find military surplus vehicles on sites like eBay or others, but these are being sold by private citizens who have most likely bought them from the Defense Reutilization Marketing Service and are now looking to make a profit on them.  It’s fine to buy from private sellers, but you will pay much more for the old Army Jeep for sale that way.

The Pecking Order

As you check the old Army Jeeps for sale on the site, you may not be able to buy the surplus military vehicles that are really catching you attention.  This is because there are people ahead of private citizens that get the first crack at purchasing them.  Here’s who goes first.

  • Other Branches of the Armed Forces:  The Navy, for example, gets first crack on the old Army Jeeps for sale.
  • Other Government Agencies:  This could include law enforcement or other government agencies.
  • Private Citizens:  Finally, the general public gets a chance to buy the old  Army Jeeps for sale by the government.

Special Modifications

Before you get all excited, thinking you can buy a bazooka attached to the old Army Jeep for sale, think again.  The vehicles are stripped of anything of this nature, so they are safe to be used by the general public.  This is generally the only modification that’s made to the vehicles of any consequence.  Most are left pretty much unchanged as they were when used by the Armed Forces.

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