Where To Find A Used Mail Jeep

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For mail carriers a used right hand drive Jeep is a must. Jeeps are the perfect mail carrier vehicle for a number of reasons including fuel economy, maneuverability and all season traction.  Jeeps with the steering wheel on the right side are preferred because the carrier can drive up to the mail box without having to slide across the seat.

Used four wheel drive mail Jeeps can sometimes be found that have been in service for a number of years delivering rural mail, but often they come with high mileage, like the right hand drive jeep for sale seen below which has traveled the equivalent of to the moon and back a few times.  Many of the ones that were in service up until recently were World War II, and Korean war surplus mail Jeeps for sale by the military  after the wars. They were reliable, tough as nails but lacking a lot of the creature comforts of today’s vehicles such as air conditioning.  Surplus mail Jeeps with left hand drive are now rare as hen’s teeth, however there are better, more modern options.  Try delivering the mail in Arizona in an Army Surplus used right hand drive jeep with no AC!

A better option for those who are looking for a used right hand drive Jeep for mail delivery may be to find one that has been brought over from the UK or other countries where they drive on the left side of the road, and which has been legalized. Legalized right hand drive Jeeps for sale in the United States must have passed an emissions certification test. This normally costs about $2000 for the test and retrofitting all necessary pollution control equipment that the U.S. requires such as catalytic converters.  Sometimes you can find right hand drive mail Jeeps for sale on eBay that have already been converted.  Look for vehicles with low miles, clear titles and safety features such as a driver’s side air bag. Before buying any used right hand drive Jeep on eBay or elsewhere make sure you get pictures from all angles, a detailed report of the emissions test and certification, repair and maintenance history, etc. Not only does the vehicle have to have legalization papers, it has to pass your state’s emission’s tests.  There are still quite a few right hand drive Jeeps for sale that have been legalized after being brought back to the U.S. by servicemen but be careful when shopping so that you get a vehicle that is legal in your state.

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