Used Amphibious Vehicles for Sale

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Before you consider any used amphibious vehicles for sale, it may really help to learn a bit about the manufacturers, so you can know what to expect.  If you are considering an ATV for land and water, sometimes in a 6×6 or 8×8, you will want to learn a bit about them, and also think hard about what you are looking to accomplish with your used amphibious vehicles that are for sale in your area.  Let’s look at the common manufacturer’s, along with some additional info to consider.


Argo:  Most people are familiar with the Argo name and look.  Most models of amphibious vehicles for sale are either 6×6 or 8×8 models.  They haven’t changed much over the years, but why would you mess with a good thing?

Max:  Anyone looking hard at used amphibious vehicles for sale will run into this brand.  You can find a six or eight wheeler model out there.  Newer models can be purchased with a dump box, making them a better choice for those looking for something to do work and not just play.

Gibbs:  The Gibbs Technology lineup is very different than the rest.  While other used amphibious vehicles for sale will resemble an ATV, these ar completely different.  Gibbs Technology produces sports cars that can go in the water to pull a skier.  They produce a sweet looking ATV that can haul on land and water.  It’s not the usual type of used amphibious vehicles for sale you would expect to find, but you will really love the way they look and perform.

Hydro Traxx:  This company has some sweet looking units in their lineup.  If you find used amphibious vehicles for sale by this maker, you will want to check them out.  You will love the nice roll cages and  cool designs.  While not as popular as some of the other makers listed, they are a good company that you should consider.  They are worth a look as you search for them.

Things to Consider

Before you buy any used amphibious vehicles for sale, you will probably want to check the regulations in your state.  Generally speaking, you will need to register these things as both and ATV and a boat, since they can be used both ways.   In the case of the car/boat hybrids offered by Gibbs Technology, you’d probably need to register them as a regular automobile and as a boat.

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