Minnesota Boat Junk Yards

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If you are live the state of 10,000 lakes, there’s a great chance you love fishing, and water sports.   This makes Minnesota boat junk yards a great place to consider buying salvage watercraft, or selling your wrecked or non-working items.  You can find them easy enough, with a simple look through your phone book yellow pages, but you may want to find out some details about buying and selling at Minnesota boat junk yards.  Let’s look at some things to keep in mind when you check out the scrap and salvage lots.


If you are looking to make purchases from Minnesota boat junk yards, there are several things you can find.  You could actually get many of the same items you would from a dealer, but they will generally be used items, not new.  Still, it’s a great way to find what you need for less money.  Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Hulls:  Especially aluminum.  You’ll be able to save tons of money on hulls at Minnesota boat junk yards in your local area.
  • Parts:  Especially when it comes to outboard motors.  Many times, people attempt to scrap their old outboards.  Many of the local Minnesota boat junk yards will part them out to make more money.  You will still get a great deal compared to buying new parts.
  • Trailers:  You’ll find some trailers, but you really have to look carefully to make sure they are not severely rusted, have bent axles, or bent frames.  If you can find one that’s good a straight, you can do quite well on price at the salvage lot.
  • Various Accessories:  You’ll find accessories at Minnesota boat junk yards like seats, trolling motors, rod holders, and just about any others you can come up with for a watercraft.


If you are looking at selling your items to Minnesota boat junk yards, you can sell them any of the above listed items, as you would expect. There are, however, some good ways to make sure you get the most for the watercraft you sell at the scrap and salvage lots.

  • Get it Running:  You’ll get more for a running outboard.  Of course, if it runs well, you’re better off selling it outright, but if you can just get it to start and sputter along, you’ll get more money in general.
  • Make it Easy:  Make the transaction easy.  Bring your title and bring your watercraft.  If they have to do more paperwork, as they may if you don’t have a title, or have to pick up the items, you’ll get less money from Minnesota boat junk yards.
  • Strip It:  Not always true, but if you are just turning in a hull for scrap, you can sell the accessories like seats, carpeting, rod holders separately to make even more money.
  • Haggle:  Ask for more from Minnesota boat junk yards and you just may get it.
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