How to make money scrapping

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Are you low on cash? Maybe out of a job? Well theres an easy way to pick up some extra cash if you are willing to do the work for it. Tons of people every day throw out scrap metal, that, when collected can be turned into a resonable amount of money for your time. You should have a vehicle that you can easily load down with large amounts of metal such as a truck or maybe an suv with a trailer. Next your going to want to start out buy checking under craigslist’s free section. You can find all kinds of scrap under here. Things like fridges, stoves, washers, dryers, and a/c units are all great things to pick up. After this you will need to find a local scrap yard that collects your metal and pays you. You should shop around and see how much you get at different places. There is no universal price for scrap. If you want to further your business you can troll streets on trash days and go through other peoples garabage (just dont make a mess). You can even have your neighboors save things for you like cans and other things mostly made of metal. You can also scrap cars. You will need a car trailer and a vehicle to pull it but it will pay for its self. If you advertise on craigslist that you scrap cars you are almost guranteed business but you will have to pay for the cars. You can usually turn anywhere from $150-$250 profit on cars.

You should also seperate metals and pull wires out of appliances. Anything copper will go for more than just raw metal. Also radiators and the a/c radiators go for more money. Certain grill lids have also gone for more money than what was expected. So you should always inspect your scrap to get the most value out of your time.

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