Some Natural Ways to Clean Smoke Out Of Lungs

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If you have ever smoked or had a bad chest infection then you know what kind of nasty things can be coughed up out of the lungs. There is no one good way to clean the lungs, just a combination of things to help the cilia, or tiny hairs in the lungs do their job better. The cilia work like little brooms to sweep dirt, smoke and dead cells out of the lungs.

Below is an illustration of cilia in the lungs.

Some natural ways to clean out the lungs involve exercise, deep breathing exercises, herbs and bronchodilators like coffee.

To begin cleaning smoke out of the lungs you of course need to quit smoking first. One thing that cigarettes do is paralyze and then eventually kill the cilia.  If you have smoked for a number of years you may have fewer cilia in your lungs to help clean them out.  You need to stimulate and protect the ones you have left for more effective lung cleaning.

Herbs That Help Clean The Lungs

There are many supposed herbs for cleaning the lungs with anecdotal evidence of their effectiveness. There have been few studies to prove the effectiveness of any of these supposed lung cleaning herbs. Among the lung cleaning herbs are ginger, licorice, dong quai, slippery elm bark, garlic, onions, thyme and peppers. Honeysuckle flower tea supposedly helps clear the lungs as well.   There are formulations which include several lung cleaning herbs in one capsule, such as “Clear Lungs“.

Effects Of Coffee In Cleaning Lungs

Coffee is effective in cleaning the lungs of smoke due to the fact that it contains the bronchodilator caffeine.  In addition, it may be aromatic elements of coffee along with hot steam coming from the beverage that help open up passageways in the lungs.

Effect Of Exercise On Cleaning Smoke From Lungs.

Exercise has proven to lead to healthier lungs. If you want to clean smoke out of your lungs you should exercise for at least half an hour every day and get your heart rate up.

Summary Of How To Clean Lungs After Smoking

Use exercise such as yoga, along with coffee, herbs and humidified air to clean out the lungs.  Try using menthol in a humidifier at night. Menthol is a bronchodilator and is useful in cleaning smoke from the lungs.  Once you quit smoking it may take up to a week or more before the paralyzed cilia start to wake up and begin ejecting smoke from the lungs. You will notice a increase in coughing and produced phlegm after a few days and it may continue for up to a year or more.

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