How To Determine Which Direction To Lay Laminate Flooring

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In choosing which way to lay laminate flooring you want to consider what the desired effect will be. If your room is long and skinny and you want to make it wider, you might consider laying it across the width of the room since the planks and grain will make the room seem wider. If you want to create the illusion that the room is narrower, lay the flooring so that your eye travels up, not across the grain and plank length. Some people believe that the best direction to lay laminate flooring is the one where light enters the room. This supposedly draws in more light into the room, by having it travel down the wood grain.  Depending on which way your eye normally travels in a room, toward the front, or to the side, you may notice more dirt, dust, or imperfections in the laminate flooring.

Below is a photo of a floor showing the best direction to lay laminate flooring in a narrow room. Next to that is a photo of laminate flooring in a narrow room laid the opposite way.

You can see that neither direction to lay laminate flooring in a room makes that much difference.

What you should consider as more important perhaps is what pleases your eye. Take a look at the two photos above and consider what direction you would want to lay laminate flooring in a living room perhaps. Would you want your eye to be looking up the grain of the flooring or across it. It’s more a matter of personal taste than absolute right and wrong when it comes to picking the best direction to lay laminate flooring in a room. The same rules apply when choosing which way to lay flooring in a hallway. You probably don’t want to change the direction of laminate flooring as you enter a hall, but instead keep the same direction going on down the hall as what is in the room.

Here is an article that I wrote about how to lay peel and stick resilient flooring.   I used Trafficmaster wood-look flooring and did the job in about half a day. A laminate floor cutter is a good tool to have and can make the job go much faster.

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