Government Rebates For Wood Stoves

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Part of the Economic Recovery Act that was passed to stimulate the economy consisted of rebates for energy efficient products. You essentially get government help for buying a new wood stove in the form of federal rebates up to 30% of $5000 or $1500.  The rebates for wood stoves are for single family residences that are the primary home, not for vacation homes or rental properties.  You can get federal government help to buy a woodstove or other biomass heater, such as a corn burning stove or fireplace insert, as long as the manufacturer has a certificate of compliance. Anyone, regardless of income, can qualify for government assistance to buy a wood stove.

How To Find Out What Wood Stoves Qualify For Government Rebates or Assistance?

First you should ask your wood stove store manager about stoves that qualify for federal rebates. Such stoves will have a certificate of compliance, which you will need to keep when you file your taxes. Not all wood stoves, pellet stoves, corn stoves, etc, qualify for federal rebates. Rebate qualifying wood stoves must have a certificate of compliance that shows that it falls within efficiency tolerances required by the government.

Does Wood Stove Installation and Flues Qualify For Federal Rebates?

Federal help for buying a wood stove also covers the cost of installation and parts required to make the wood stove operable. Therefore, any flues, roof flashing, dampers, etc, qualify for federal rebates.  Just keep all of your receipts for tax time and give your tax preparer the information so they can fill out form 5695.

There are many federal rebates for energy efficient products such as windows, insulation, and more. See for program details.

For some good tips on how to make your home more energy efficient see Cut Your Energy Bills Now

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