Own Land? Make Money On It Without Selling

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There are some ways to make extra money on land without selling it that you may want to consider.  While some may require a lot of work and legal permits, others can be quite simple and easy to set up.  You could earn lots of spare cash with any one of these ideas.  Let’s look at the ways to make extra money on your land, without selling it to make a profit.  There really are several things you can do, whether you own many acres or just a small plot.

  • Hunting Rights Lease:  Hunters will pay lots of cash to be able to hunt for the season by your fields and in your woods.  Plus, you will generally only need to give up access to the property for a particular hunting season, which could be as short as a week long.  It’s an easy way to make extra money on land without selling it to anyone.
  • Farming Lease:  If you own a field, even if it hasn’t been used for crops for years, you may be able to rent it out to a local farmer.  It’s a really easy way to make extra money on land without selling it and you could earn thousands each year by doing it.
  • Logging:  If you own some wooded acreage, you could consider having it select cut or completely removing the timber.  You make lots of money on your land this way, often several hundred per acre or more, without selling it.
  • Paintball:  You actually can rope off your property and let folks rent it by the hour for paintball fights.  It’s a great way to make some extra money on your land without selling it.  You can charge by the person, generally $5-$10 per hour, per person.  Some markets will dictate an even higher price.  It’s a pretty easy method to use to earn extra cash.  Plus, you can even make minimum participant requirements, perhaps 5 or more people.  You can see just how much you could earn this way.
  • Animal Pasture:  Especially if you own some field area, you can make good extra money on your land without selling it.  Farmers and animal owners, like horse enthusiasts, may be willing to pay you to pasture their animals.  Many cities and counties have minimum acreage requirements for horses, so if the owners don’t own enough property, they may pay you each month to use yours.
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