Free Notebook Computers for the Poor

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You can find free notebook computers for the poor from a few nonprofit organizations out there, many of which can be contacted online.  To get the laptops, you may need to meet low income restrictions, or have students and children in the home.  If you feel you can meet those basic restrictions, you may also be able to get free notebook computers for the poor.  Just become you are needy, doesn’t mean you cannot have a PC.  If you have a student age child in your home, not having one could put them behind.  Don’t let this happen to your child, when there are ways to get a free notebook computer for the poor that you should consider.

FreeCycle: has nearly 7 million members all making donations.  You can get a used laptop at no cost.  The company is actually aiming for a green movement, by keeping the PC’s out of landfills and offering free notebook computers for the poor during their time of need.  There are tons of locations all over the country, so there’s a good chance there’s one in your area.

CRC:  The Computer Recycling Center, at, is another nonprofit organization that offers free notebook and laptops for the poor and low income families.  You may apply for the used PC’s online, directly on the site listed.  You’ll need to meet low income restrictions to qualify for the programs offered by this group and you will need to apply to get a no cost PC.

WCE:  WCE helps needy families get a laptop or PC when they have student age children in the home.  This is a great option for free notebook computers for the poor to consider.  Unlike many of the other charity organizations, this one is not limited to families and people in the US.  You just may get a used laptop at no charge from this organization.

Government Programs:  If you meet low income restrictions, you may be able to qualify for free notebook computers for the poor.  Many local government programs, along with some state and federal programs, are out there to get young students the PC’s they need to get by in schools.  If your school is one of the many requiring a PC at home for homework, they should be able to lead you to programs that offer free notebook computers for the poor.   You can simply give them a call or stop by.

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