Free Fake Birth Certificates (Dolls and Pets Only)

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If you are looking for a free fake birth certificate, perhaps for a doll or new pet, you will have several options at your disposal.  While none of the documents will be very real-looking (they are for dolls or pets after all), they will do the trick, especially if this is going to be for a child’s present, or something similar.  Let’s look at how to make a free fake birth certificate, or how to buy a cheap one that’s completely customizable.

  • Adoption Forms Online

You will find many templates to use online that you can print out.  Some may not be available without a charge, but if you use sites like Yahoo or Google Images, you may be able to find a free fake birth certificate that you can fill in and print out.   If you are willing to pay a few bucks, there are doll and pet adoptions agencies online that sell these types of forms.  It’s a great way to get low cost, or free fake birth certificates to print out online.

  • Form Templates

If you are looking to make a free fake birth certificate for your child to go along with their doll or pet, this is a great option.  You can find tons of generic form templates you can use online.  These can be made to look frilly, to match the doll your child may be getting.

  • Low Tech Options

Take out your own birth certificate and make a free fake one by making a photo copy.  Then, white out the information that needs to be altered and use an old typewriter or word processor to fill in the new info.  To avoid any legal trouble, be sure to not somewhere on the form, perhaps on the back, that it’s not real and for a doll only.   You could also note it by name section. For example in the name section write “Fluffy – Our Family Dog.”

  • Trophy Stores

You can go to a local trophy shop and ask them to make you a fake birth certificate for your pet, but it won’t be free.  Still, it will most likely cost you about $10-$15, so it won’t break the bank.  You can either take a look at their achievement form templates, or just tell them what you need and make it a custom fit.  They will probably produce a much better fake birth certificate than you could, but it won’t quite be free.

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