Give Me Lots of Money Now!

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If you are falling behind and are thinking of asking people, give me lots of money now, please, you may want to explore some other self help type options that could help you to get by and make ends meet.  You can ask people for cash to get by, or you can go out and take care of business, so you stay afloat.  Let’s look at some ways to make things happen on your own, rather that demanding, give me lots of money now.

Borrow Cash

You can find many kinds of loans for people with bad credit, many of which have guaranteed approval.  While borrowing may not be the best idea, a quick $500 loan may help you make your mortgage or rent payment and buy you some more time to get caught up.

Earn More

Now, there are really tons of ways to make cash.  You can earn by writing articles online, like I do, or you can get a second job.  If you worked just one shift per week, for eight hours, while making $9 per hour, you would make just under $300 extra for the month.  Perhaps you could get by then, and not have to demand, give me lots of money now.  What do you think is more like – finding people giving away cash to send you some, or finding a second part time job?  Give me lots of money now?  Not until you try to earn more.

Government Help

If you meet low income guidelines, you could qualify for temporary assistance for needy families and individuals.  All states have various plans, and some are available locally and through the federal government.  You just may not have to say, give me lots of money now again.

Cut Expenses

Examine your budget when you realize you need someone to give you lots of money now.  If you don’t have a budget, shame on you.  Keeping one can help you cut expenses, so you can get by and not need to look for help in other places.  Start out by determining where your funds are going and how much you could save by effective budgeting.  You may never have to say, give me lots of money now, ever again.

As you can see, there are some alternative to asking, will you give me lots of money now?  If you are truly in need, you can most likely make at least one of these options work for you.  Hopefully you can get squared away financially.

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