The Value Of Old Telephone Line Insulators

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What Is The Value Of My Old Glass Insulator?

Determining what old glass telephone insulators like the Hemingray 42 and Maxwell 42 are worth can be tricky. These were very common insulators and their value is not that great. On the other hand, there are some very rare telephone line insulators and telegraph line glass insulators that are worth over one hundred dollars each. For example, the Hemingray 42 blue insulator is now selling from $5.00 to $20.00 online.

One of the quickest ways to determine the value of glass telephone line insulators is to go on sites like eBay and track the item until it sells. Then you can get a better idea of what you might be able to get for it. There are phone insulator collectors who will pay top dollar for rare glass insulators.

One of the best, (really the only definitive) guides to glass insulator prices is the “Price Guide for Insulators”. This book is rare, so it may cost $40 or more.

Where To Find Antique Glass Phone Line Insulators

You can often find old glass insulators at garage sales. I’ve been collecting them for many years now and have made some good finds at garage sales and online auctions. I also look for them along abandoned railroad lines, though you must be careful not to trespass.  The beauty of the heavy old glass is remarkable. I arrange mine outside in racks, so that the setting sun filters through the many shades of antique glass insulators. Though most of mine are fairly ordinary, I do have a few antique glass insulators worth over fifty dollars each.
Happy Collecting!

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