How To Find How Much Antique Bottles Are Worth

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People have been collecting antique bottles for decades, if not centuries. Finding the value of old bottles can be difficult for a number of reasons. Here are some of the things that affect how much an antique bottle is worth:

Type Of Glass.

Hand blown bottles from past centuries are very rare. Most antique bottles for sale in the U.S. were not hand blown.

Condition Of Glass

To be a valuable antique bottle, it should not have cracks or chips. Sun damage can hurt the value of some bottles, though some collectors prefer aged looking antique glass.

How Rare The Antique Bottle Is

Some collectors may be looking for a bottle which may be the only one of its kind, or one of only a few ever made. These rare glass bottles may be worth hundreds, even thousands of dollars to the right collector. Bottles from Greek and Roman times have sold for thousands of dollars. In the United States, most antique bottles are from North America, and were made from colonial times until the 1960’s.

Get An Antique Bottle Price Guide

Most serious antique bottle collectors use price guides to help them determine an old bottle’s value.

How To Sell Your Antique Bottles

Old bottles are sort of like art. If a collector really likes a particular type of rare bottle, they may be willing to pay a good sum for it. If you have an old bottle, online auction sites are one of the best ways to sell them.

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