Chinese ATV Review – Off Brand Four Wheelers

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A Review Of Chinese ATV’s

As the owner of three off brand four wheelers, I consider myself capable of offering a good review of Chinese ATV’s.  I am the owner of two Kazuma Falcon 110cc quads, and one 150cc Redcat four wheeler.  After about 5 years of use, with virtually no mechanical problems, it’s safe to say that I’m pretty sold on the off brand quads as a viable alternative to the major brands, like Honda, Yamaha, or Polaris.  Let’s look at the good and the bad points of my Chinese ATV review.

Good Points

Price: Obviously, the price is super attractive to most buyers.   I paid about $1,000 each for those Honda clone quads.  This is key in this Chinese ATV review article.  Today, you can actually pick them up for less than you could when I bought mine, making them more affordable.

 Replacement Parts:  Unlike the old days, replacement parts aren’t too hard to find.  Not only can you search online sites, like eBay, for them, but you can also interchange them with major brands in many cases.  This is an important feature for any Chinese ATV review.  Many of the makers simply copied the old Honda 110cc motor.  This means you can often interchange parts.

Styling:  The off brand quads look cool.  Many were originally patterned after the old Yamaha Raptors for a sporty look.  Today, you can get the off brand quads in sport or utility models, in almost any size.

Better Physical Sizing:  Not only can you get many engine sizes, but you can also tailor the physical size of the quad.  This is key in my Chinese ATV review.  Many four wheeler makers have 50cc and 90cc models that are about the same size.  While they are marketed for riders 16 or under, they clearly would only be viable options for 7-11 year olds.  You can get a tiny 50cc clone four wheeler to fit a 4 year old, or a 110cc or 125cc to fit a teenager.

Quality:  I’m happy with the quality of my four wheelers and must make it a point in my Chinese ATV review.   Of course, not all off brands are created equal.

Bad Points

Quality:  I know I just listed it as a positive, but there are some really inferior brands.  Be sure to read several Chinese ATV reviews for each brand you are considering.

Narrow Wheelbase:  Many of the Chinese ATV’s have a narrow wheelbase.  This review must include that.  This can make the four wheeler tippy and unstable when taking sharp or higher speed turns.  Be sure to check the width of the wheelbase carefully.

Repairs:  If you cannot do repairs on your own, you should check around to see that the local dealers will perform service on them.  Many will not, since they are attempting to protect their high markup brands.  Reviews of Chinese ATV’s must include this information.

A Horse a Piece

Resale:  The debate rages on… Those in favor of the major brands will point out that their quads have a higher percentage of resale value, especially down the road.   Off brands, they argue, lose a substantial percentage of their value quickly.  This is basically true.  However, let’s look in a little more detail for this Chinese ATV review.

Customer 1 buys an off brand four wheeler for $800.  It gets used for two years and he gets $400.  He loses 50% of his investment.  Still, he only lost $400.

Customer 2 buys a major brand for $2,000 and uses it for two years.  He sells it for $1300.  He loses only 35% of his initial investment.  It’s a better percentage, but he still lost more total money, at $700. 

Final thoughts

First off, let me say I would make the purchases of my Chinese ATV’s over again, so it’s safe to say I give them a good review.   Some people have not been so lucky.  This is a roll of the dice, but one that many must make, since they simply cannot afford a major brand four wheeler for their kids.  It’s really up to you.  Before you buy, be sure to look up as many Chinese ATV reviews as possible.

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    3. jcmayer777 on 24. Aug, 2010

      What has your experience been with off brand four wheelers?