Purple No Trespassing Paint Symbols In Texas

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If you have ever wondered why some fence posts are painted purple or have purple stripes it is because several states have passed laws that allow the color purple to be used to indicate “no trespassing”.
The photo below shows a gate and fence posts that have been painted with purple paint to indicate no trespassing.

These laws were enacted to help save property owners the expense of having to places costly signs around their property and to release them from liability lawsuits. Using purple paint on fence posts is as legal as a “no trespassing” sign when it comes to warning people to stay out of your property in Texas, Arkansas and a few other states.
These marks, when placed properly, are assumed to be “posted – no trespass signs”. As of the Texas Statues, 2001, Texas Penal Code, Article 30.05, authorizes the use of purple paint to post property boundaries. It is still recommended that landowners use more commonly recognized no trespassing signs at gates and roadways leading into the property. Purple paint for no trespassing markers will however last much longer than signs.

The Texas law allows for purple paint to be used to make marks on trees or fence posts
Paint markings must be vertical lines and at least 1″ wide and 8″ in height.
Bottom of the paint mark must be 3′ to 5′ above the ground level and easily visible.
Laws regarding how far apart purple no trespassing marks are placed vary from state to state. Typically they should be placed no farther than 1000 feet apart.

The downside of using purple paint to mark your property boundary for “no trespassing”:

Not everyone likes the use of purple paint as no trespassing markers. The appearance of purple marks on posts and trees is seen as ugly and offensive to the eye by many people.
In addition to the aesthetic issues there are many people who do not recognize a paint color to mean no trespassing. Clearly the symbol would be lost on color blind persons.

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