Make a SUPER CANTENNA a Pringles can antenna

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A SUPER CANTENNA can be created from a simple Pringles can. So treat yourself to an excellent homemade long range wifi antenna after snacking on your favorite pringles snack. This particular home made long range wireless antenna has claims of reaching upwards to three miles in clear line-of-sight conditions. That in itself is amazing and worth at least testing. If you have a work from home business like ours you will find this an excellent benefit.



Use 14guage copper wire and solder it to the top part of a fem N-connector ( Details of an N-connector here). Then take a measurement of a couple of inches from the base , two inches above the can’s bottom. Create a hole to install your N-connector. Connect your N connector to the can via glue or similar means. Make sure the Wire is in the middle or center of the can going through the circle of the can. Connect the can to your wireless router / adapter. You will need a male N-connector. Once complete you can line up and adjust your newly created super cantenna (a Pringles can antenna). As you move your super cantenna you will notice the db gain ( db gain explained here – but is basically your amplification) increasing wifi connect-ability upon discovering a wifi hotspot.

You could of course always purchase an expensive directional wifi extender for your home network but why not give this a try first. Especially if you have an open or free wifi anywhere around your location. This could mean free internet for you using a super cantenna: a home made long range wifi system that you made personally. Very rewarding!

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