Long range wifi antenna YOU NEED ONE

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If you don’t have a long range wifi antenna you need one. An extended range wifi hotspot will give you much more freedom to move around your property (inside and out) and still have blazing fast internet speed and connection. If you hadn’t read my article on getting free internet with a homemade long range wifi antenna (written here on theinfomine.com) then you should also check that out.



Many people have internet drop outs if they are not close to the source of their wireless router. This can be a royal pain. A longer range antenna will in most cases solve this problem. A quick internet search for long-range-wireless-antennas will bring up many great choices for you to pick from.

One secret to making your own extended wireless signal is to take apart your current routers antenna and adapt it. I will tell you how. Firstly though perhaps i should mention that you may prefer to do this on an older router you have just in case you end up damaging it along the way by accident. I have discovered that the major difference at least in some long range antennas I’ve looked at is basically the length and design of the antenna.



When viewing one of the more expensive long range wifi antennas I noticed that it was simply longer and also had a number of cork screw type turns or twists on the lower end. The antenna itself (beneath the plastic cover) was in my incident , a copper wire. To adapt the cheaper router antenna I took out the old antenna and replaced it with a longer piece of copper twisting the wire in a cork-screw fashion at the bottom (one inch or so from the bottom) about 7 turns. The plastic cover now of course won’t fit back on properly so you can actually use a large wide straw to cover the newly built long range wifi antenna. This could save you some big money and give you the same desired range effect that you were hoping for. It’s certainly worth a try if you have a spare router laying around.

Whether you try this home built way of extending your wifi router or if you find a deal to purchase one , certainly you will be glad that you now have a better coverage for your internet surfing capabilities. An extended long range wifi antenna can make life oh so more blissful.

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Thank you for taking time to read this article. It’s just one of a series i have been writing in connection with long range wifi antennas and their benefit.

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