Hiding Your Homemade Long Range WiFi Antenna

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Before we get to the details of hiding your homemade long range wifi antenna I would like to mention to those who did not discover my initial article of “free internet with a homemade long range wifi antenna” that indeed it is very possible for your to have free internet under certain conditions by building your own extended wireless long range antenna. Many times referred to as a poor mans wifi or sometimes called a cantenna. A free wifi connection is perfect if you have a home business like ours. … or our other home business.

To recap that part first , briefly: I used a large steel bread mixing bowl

free internet homemade long range wifi antenna

free internet using homemade long range wifi antenna

(not like shown in picture but the pictures does give an idea as to the look). I placed a usb wifi dongle suspended in the center of the bowl using clear packing tape. Hung it (using duct tape) in a window where I noticed a faint wireless open / free wireless signal. Plugged it into my computer usb port and voila free internet surfing speeds up to 2.8mbs where as I could not even use the signal prior due do its faint signal.

Ok so now that you have your free internet homemade long range wifi antenna set up you’re getting strange looks directed towards your house from your neighbors or ‘passer-bys’. They are all wondering what in the world you are doing with that large suspicious bowl and wires hanging in your window. Perhaps they think you are up to no good somehow. This is where you need to calm any bad nerves before they even suspect any of those untruths about you.

You need to Hide your home made long range wifi antenna! People in general may not realize that you are simply law abiding utilizing an open free network. The answer is quite simple actually. While we used this free internet temporary setup until we got our own local internet provider service we took a few measures to disguise it.

Firstly I would suggest finding the part of your house where the free internet signal is strongest in the back of your house or portion of your house that is not so noticeable to the public. For us it was a back bedroom window.

free internet using a homemade long range wifi antenna

free internet using a home made long range wifi antenna

Then place a thin material which could look like a curtain in front of the wifi hanging apparatus. From the outside it looks like a curtain and any suspicion of you will be negated. The thin curtain material does not diminish your signal strength to any noticeable difference. So even if you have to place your new free wifi monstrosity in a front window it should be relatively unnoticeable.

Free internet with a homemade long range wifi antenna really does work . Enjoy making your own for temporary use but remember it is always best in the end to purchase internet service from your local internet service provider. We only used the free wifi for a temporary situation when we moved into our new home and were in need of the internet asap for our work-at-home business.

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