Free Internet Using A Homemade Long Range WiFi Antenna

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free internet using long range wifi antenna

free internet using long range wifi antenna

Free internet using homemade long range wifi antenna is a reality. We’ve done it. If you use an open free internet available wireless signal that is near you it will be possible for you too. There are many free or open wifi hotspots these days. You could be fortunate enough to be close to one right where you live.

There was a time awhile back when we moved into our new home that we did not have internet service hooked up because of the move. I noticed that there was a faint signal being picked up when i turned on my laptop. It was noted as free or open. I was at first frustrated that I could not pick it up any better for use. I was hoping to be able to check the weather and do some light surfing as the need arose until we could get our local internet service provider hooked up again to our home.

I did much research concerning a homemade long range wifi antenna and found you can actually make one out of household items quite easily. There are a number of videos online showing just this. A home made long range wifi antenna is not as difficult to make as you may think. Quite easily actually. You will need a portable usb wifi dongle though. That is the key to picking up your free internet. May I also note here that while free internet is possible and there are many free wifi hotspots around it is recommended that you get your own local internet service provider for the long term.

We use our internet connection to earn extra income from home so we also had to have access right away for this purpose too. After all what good is it being a work from home dad if you cant earn extra income at home. I diverge but if you too want to do the same you certainly can check out how we do this at our website and our home office site: .

Anyhow… back to the free wifi setup. Along with your usb wifi dongle you simply need a large bowl.

free internet homemade long range wifi antenna

free internet homemade long range wifi antenna

The one we used (not shown in picture) was a large steel bread-mixing bowl.[The picture here at right gives you an idea] I attached the wifi dongle using clear packing tape (crude I know but it worked well) so that it hung suspended in the middle of the bowl. I used more of this clear packing tape to hold it securely. I used duct tape then to place this large bowl with the usb wif in the center to attach to a bedroom window where we noted the free open wifi hotspot was strongest.

The result was incredible. We went from a faint signal of non-usability to a lightening fast free internet speed of bursts up to 2.8mbs. Not bad for free internet using a homemade long range wifi antenna.

You can make the same home made long range wifi antenna too if you have a faint free open wifi hotspot near you.

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