Is It Possible To Recharge Disposable Alkaline Batteries?

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It’s not only possible to recharge disposable alkaline batteries like those made by Duracell and Energizer, it is extremely profitable to do so. New high tech chargers, made specifically for charging all three kinds, alkaline, NiMH and NiCD batteries are now on the market. They are getting high marks from consumers who are finding out that they can renew disposable batteries up to 100 times or more.

The trick is not to drain your alkaline batteries all the way down to dead and to remove them and put them on charge. If you keep several charged alkaline batteries handy all you have to do is swap them out and keep going. If your home is like mine and has tons of electronics and toys you could save hundreds of dollars. For example, if you do the math and figure that a pack of Duracell batteries (12 pack) costs about eight dollars, and multiply that by seventy recharges, you get $560 dollars, just from one pack of batteries. Chargers like the Renu-It Pro model below sell for about $40 and change.

I’ve had one of these devices for a while and am very happy with it. In fact these are the highest rated alkaline battery chargers on the market.

Why is this all such a big secret? I have my theories and have found some evidence online that battery makers have fought to make these devices illegal so that they can keep fleecing us and filling our landfills with tons of disposable batteries. What if suddenly their cheap alkaline batteries could be recharged and used over 70 or more times? It would be a nightmare for shareholders, right?

That might be the reason the average American has never heard of a battery charger for disposable alkaline batteries. Let’s hope that is changing. It’s silly to be burying so many of these every day when most can be recharged and used over and over and over again. Darn you Energizer Bunny, why don’t you tell us the truth, that your batteries really do keep “Going and Going”?

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