Kinds Of Outdoor WiFi Wireless Internet Antennas

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yagi type wireless internet or wifi antenna

It is possible to beam your home WiFi several miles to a neighbor’s or family member’s home. How is this possible? By using high gain WiFi antennas you can extend the range of your router or wireless adapter for up to ten miles, under the right conditions. While there are some issues you must be cautious of, such as violating FCC rules for too much output, this kind of technology is used around the world, especially in developing countries, to spread wireless internet around.

The first type of outdoor WiFi antennas is the panel antenna. This antennas is based on military technology that uses wave guide technology to concentrate incoming and outgoing radio signals in a focused beam. Panel WiFi antennas transmit a signal that may be from 20 to 180 degrees in width. This type of antenna is good for hooking up to a router and sending your wireless internet around a specific part of a building or complex. You can use these on both ends, on a USB type wireless adapter or on a router that has an external antenna connection.

The next kind of outside wireless internet antenna is the Yagi. This antenna is longer and more obvious looking than the panel antenna. It takes up more physical space and for that reason it is typically used outside, up on an antenna mast. Yagi wireless internet antennas can broadcast and receive a signal in a narrow band of ten degrees or so. They must be carefully aimed at the receiving antenna for best results.

Another kind of outdoor WiFI antenna is the omnidirectional wireless internet antenna. This antenna is placed outside up on a pole or mounted to the side of a building. An omnidirectional WiFi antenna transmits in all directions. For this reason they are ideally suited to giving wide area WiFi coverage to a small business.

The Grid Parabolic WiFi antenna has the highest gain of any mentioned so far. These antennas work similar to a satellite dish and focus the wireless internet in a small beam. Adjusting the antenna millimeters one way or the other may reveal more wireless networks in your area. These are mounted outdoors. Some use a coax to send RF to the antenna from a wireless adapter indoors while others may use a small wireless adapter up on the antenna and use a powered USB cord to sent data to the antenna.

Still another kind of outdoor Wireless internet antenna is a panel type WiFi antenna with a built – in wireless adapter. These require a powered USB cord which connects to your computer. These antennas have no line loss so more transmit and receive power arrives at the antenna to be sent out into space. They are available in waterproof models and have a broadcast pattern similar to regular panel WiFi antennas. For more on the different kinds of outdoor WiFi antennas and how to get free wireless internet see: Long Range WiFi Antennas

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