A Great, Inexpensive Gift for Cooks

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Herb Garden in place of a lawn

Herbs make wonderful gifts!

If you have a dedicated cook in your life, you know how much they prize fresh herbs. And they might even use the entire package they buy from the store! However, no matter how inept at gardening your favourite cook may be, there is an herb out there that will give them years of pleasure, and they will think of you every time they cook. And it can cost you very little to give your special cook years of pleasure!

First, you want to choose a perennial herb (one that doesn’t die every year). Good perennial herbs are sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano, marjoram, winter savoury, or mints. Most cooks will appreciate the value of these herbs right away, and all of them are readily available and inexpensive (usually under two dollars). Add a fifty-nine cent pot and a little dirt, and a small marker to remind them what plant it is you have given them, along with a reminder of how to care for it, and even a cook in a cramped apartment will find that having a limitless supply of fresh herbs will enhance their dishes for years to come!

Indeed, these herbs are so durable and grow so easily, that you might find your favourite cook is not only using them in ways that are completely unexpected, but that they are giving plants away to friends, neighbours, and relatives. Who wouldn’t love a gift so easy to care for, that rewards us with so much pleasure?

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