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What is TheInfoMine? It’s a place to learn how to do things, live better and get more out of life by gaining valuable knowledge. It’s more than just a collection of “how to” articles, it’s a “gold mine of information”© that you will want to bookmark in your browser’s favorites for future reference.


Our site is home to many interesting authors who have shared their knowledge in the form of interesting, fact filled articles. TheInfoMine is a place where you can learn about almost anything. You’ll find a wide range of articles, from How To Get A Job Working Overseas On An Oil Rig, to  How Far Can You Share A WiFi Connection, and even how to How To Lower Your Cholesterol.

Our authors come from all walks of life and all parts of the globe. Here you’ll find interesting articles written by teachers, executives, lawyers, sailors, offshore oil rig workers, fishermen, engineers, biologists, pilots, homemakers and people in almost every profession you can think of . You never know what you might learn by browsing the site.








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